Screen Time

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90 minutes of screen-time.

Above all else - this is a statement for Mr. John Hipwell…who (rightly) had doubted the time of the film following the first read-through (clocked at 45 minutes).

I - on the other hand – ‘knew’ that the 75-page script – in my hands would gain length in light of my directorial pace:

I love pauses between looks and I know how I’d like to pace actors’ performances; slow-burns, explosive outbursts that careen unhinged and unbridled.

90 minutes of screen-time. And this is for a super-tight cut.

Still I’m glad for John’s insistence - it was good to have the extra footage in hand – it gives considerable more material to the editor in post.

Anyway – I’m on schedule to submit to festivals in 2-3 weeks.

I’ll make an announcement closer to the date.

Also launching our web-presence then – including footage on you tube, trailers, web commerce, merchandise, soundtrack (composed by Luca X) etc.

Very excited…

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