Ave Caesar! Morituri te salutant

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Started editing day 5

The last day of the shoot: Jesus we did a lot of takes. Maybe a few were NG for sound but still…

By the end of the week we were firing in all cylinders.

The CHW-JH team working like a well-oiled machine with the many cameras; and it was only the 6th day of shooting (we started counting on Saturday at day 0) – only 6 days to get used to working in a new team and in a new way, all the technology - the hurdles of production, etc – 6 days is a very short time.

Anyway - there’s little lag between “rolling…mark it…and frame”

In earlier days – I find myself scrolling through the scene to discover that
The clapper board is somewhere in the middle of the file.

But on day 5, it is snap – right there at the beginning of the file and this is take after take after take – it’s relentless!

What can we learn from this ladies and gents?

The simple and humbling fact that a lot can be accomplished by a team of dedicated individuals passionate about doing their best.

My thank you to you again.

Anyway – I have 3 scenes to cut – the last 10 %.

Next the full assembly when I have another go at tweaking the dream.

Speaking of dreams and thank yous - as a show of courage roman gladiators used to shout "Ave Caesar! Morituri te salutant" (Hail Caesar! They Who Are About to Die Salute You).

I do not intend to die - neither did the Gladiators - it was more a show of dispassionate cheek towards life and death as they chased their ultimate dream.

Here is my dream - reckon 4 more weeks. There are a couple of March deadlines I must make. I have entered the arena – I see the mission before me...Hail Caesar!

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