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Had a dream last night.

Shooting a film all on location: a city street - I felt a perfect joy.

It was only 5 people all up including cast and crew (!): DOP/cameraman, one producer/1AD, myself and two actors playing the lovers.

I somehow knew there was no script – just a few sketches of what each scene is about and ready to improvise the whole story. Very À bout de soufflé feel to it.

This morning I made some notes – very loose - a story about desire, money and true love:

It’s about a girl called Max – who likes to set things on fire.
And a boy called Robin – who likes to steal fast cars.
And a hitman called Mr K – whose car they are in.

Can it be shot on a Red one in one week-end?

Any takers?

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Phillip - September 23, 2008 at 8:18 PM

The response has been at lightning speed - most of the crew is in...

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