The shoot ends - now what?

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So the shoot has finished.

It's like I've been travelling at hyperspeed and now I’ve come to a sudden stop.

I always feel a great void at the end of a shoot – during the shoot I have the luxury of being surrounded by multitudes of crew and cast with a million questions/problems/issues and the adrenalin-rush I get is very addictive. Combine it with 2 weeks of little sleep and the civilian world takes a new hue. Everything seems slower, duller.

I usually get very sick at the end of a production – like all the bugs gang up on a spent body – this time it was different – I felt stronger physically - I must be getting stronger (?) - but emotionally and psychologically very battered. Is it worth it?

Maybe. The footage is awe inspiring - and will demand much from me in the edit suite.

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Chris - August 24, 2008 at 4:41 PM

Excellent! great that you have a new p mac! Be interested to have a chat about the P2 plugins


Chris HW

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